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Hi everyone, this is Al coming to you on this website about Fishing in general and Fly Fishing in particular.

I’m not a spring chicken by any stretch of the imagination. At 78 years young, and working on the water for 42 years before taking permanent shore leave, I feel I have some expertise that I can pass along to all that are interested. I can now devote all my spare time to the great outdoors and especially my favorite sport of fishing. I would rather it be called “catching” but not all fishers catch something every time they go out, so it’s just called fishing.

I can remember way back when I was just a kid growing up on a farm in Wisconsin and my first fish pole was an old cane pole, some string, a hook and a bobber, or float for you that don’t know what a bobber is, needed to keep the hook at a certain depth. No fishing reel involved, just turned the cane pole around to wrap up the string. Things have sure come a long way since then. Now a person can spend $100.00 or less on a rod and reel, or one can spend upwards of thousands of dollars on an outfit. Whatever you spend doesn’t matter just that you enjoy the results you get with that purchase.

I have included a number of outlets to choose from that I find offer very good products for practically any price range you have in mind. From the bare essentials to the best money can buy. Browse through the pages, there is something for everyone.

Best of luck fishing,and “catching” and check back often for new items on my site. Check for a new item on the blog page.

Happy Days,


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