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Looking over my site, you might see me showing off some nice Lake Trout a friend and I caught (daily limit of 2) while at his cabin in Canada. He has invited me to go along on his first trip to open up the cabin for this year and get some fishing in too. He has a lake in the area that is just loaded (my kinda lake) with Northern Pike. Fun to catch and good to eat if you can get all the Y bones away from the flesh, and my friend knows how to do just that. You may think I’m telling a tall tale when I say you get a fish on every cast but it’s the truth. I remember a story Dick always tells about the time his wife and her widowed girlfriend went fishing on this lake. She didn’t know fishing from a hill of beans so Dick has to show her. She’s using a small spinning rod and reel and knows now how to cast it more than six feet from the boat. She’s using a small # 2 Mepps lure and first cast catches one. Dick has to take it off the lure as she doesn’t know to or doesn’t want to, all the while Dick’s wife is catching Pike and casting again and again. Dick has his pole rigged but is to busy taking fish off their friend’s line as she is catching a Pike on every cast. This is not a catch and release lake but they only kept enough for one meal.

I smile when I hear that story as I know it is all true and had to go to my garage to find my spinning rig that I used on that same lake. Found it. A ultra-lite Fenwick rod with a small Shimano reel with 2lb test line. A real sweetheart of a rig but I think I will put new line on as it does get sun burned and weak and even some rub spots. Can’t take a chance on the line breaking and even loosing one Pike when we go in May.

Canada has had a fairly warm winter there at the cabin and Dick said the ice is gone from the lakes already. The last time I was at the cabin was August and we had temps in the 70s and very pleasant. I’m sure the weather will be very nice in May too.

Looking forward to spring getting here soon but as I always say “Any time is fishin time”  Keep the tip up and the line tight!


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