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Product Review Piscifun Blaze Fly Fishing Reel

  • CNC-machined 6061-T7 aluminum alloy for high-impact durability and all-conditions corrosion resistance
  • Multi-disc cork and stainless steel drag system with one-way clutch bearing for smooth immediate drag engagement
  • Hard anodized for surface protection and corrosion resistance; Concave ported arbor for greater strength and capacity
  • Cold forged and tempered for superior strength and rigidity;Mid-arbor design, a great balance between backing capacity and rapid line pickup, not easy for line backlash
  • Finely machined and knurled metal screw caps to loosen the spool and easy to change left to right hand retrieval conversion
 Piscifun Blaze Mid Arbor Fly Fishing Reel
Aluminium alloy body
3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10 weight
Colors are Gold, Brown, Sapphire Blue
Sold by and other popular fishing stores.
Prices range from $52 to $59.99 offers free shipping

Overall Piscifun put together a reel that is amazing for the price point. The machining was top notch, leaving a reel that looks beautiful in a very purposeful manner. The aluminum alloy should be great to prevent corrosion. The have lock tighted the screws to make sure nothing comes apart. The reel turns silk smooth and the one way drag system has a ton of adjustment. I can make the drag much heavier then I think I will ever need on a 3/4 wt rod. Opening it up I was pleased to find that the nut used to secure the spool to the reel can not be detached from the spool and lost. There is also an o-ring on the reel shaft to protect the bearings inside the spool.

To get the reel rigged you will need 50 yards of 20 lb test backing line and a 3 or 4 weight fly line. I’m setting up this reel for brook trout and thus chose Rio Mainstream 3 wt weight forward fly line. This setup should be great for the precision short distance casts that are necessary on small trout streams.

I tested out the the reel and Piscifun’s matching rod at Holmes run. I was impressed with the setups ability to provide precision short distance casts. The rod and reel seemed well balanced. I’m looking forward to taking the rod on some backcountry trips. Overall I’m very impressed with the rod and reel and do not think I could find a better one at the price point.

The 3 wt setup is great for backpacking in to small mountain trout streams. If you want a good all around rod I would go with the 5/6 wt and if you are going to be concentrating on lake and bass fishing I would go with the 7/8. For backpacking I also purchased a hard tube for secure storage and a padded reel holder.

Product Review

A lot of fishing gear is sold all over the world, but here in the USA we can rely on good old                They have just about every make and model you could ask for and at a good price, and they stand behind all their products. I feel it is one of the best places to buy from and shipping is great too.

If you are just getting started and new to fly fishing, or an old grizzeled vet you can always find something at

A couple items for you to take a look at. A testimonial from a satisfied user.  Normally I write reviews to inform others that they shouldn’t waste their money on a product if I bought it and didn’t serve its purpose. With this rod and reel combo, it’s worth a good review. Really good quality for the price the guides are nice the rod is pretty good as well. My favorite part was the reel. An aluminum reel for that price is fantastic. Deserves 5 stars. And pre-spoiled backing, fly line and attached leader! The only thing that annoyed me was I can get a little impatient when it comes to something I really want. So a week felt like a month haha. Amazing rod and reel. With out a doubt recommend

Getting started

When fishing for trout in calm, clear water, a splash can scare your fish. A properly delivered trout fly (cast with a fly rod) will land like a feather and it won’t scare your fish…that’s the secret to fly fishing. The defining attribute of fly fishing is the unique way we deliver our lure (called a fly). This is called fly casting. Approached correctly, fly casting can be efficient, accurate, easy and most importantly…fun.

The Best Fly Fishing Brands

At  we only carry products and brands that we can stand by 100%. If you are looking for something in particular that isn’t listed here, simply contact us, we can likely get it!

Ross Momentum LT Fly Fishing Reel ::: The Big Fish Fly Reel by Ross

by Ross

Price: $1,720.00 + $4.49 shipping


  • Claimed Weight: [4] 7.9 oz, [5] 8.5 oz, [6] 9 oz, [7] 10.1 oz
  • Diameter: [4] 3.75 in, [5] 4 in, [6] 4.25 in, [7] 4.5 in
  • Left and Right Handed Operation: yes
  • Extra Spool: no
Simms Fishing Products
Rio Products
Sage Fly Fishing
Waterworks Lamson
Scott Fly Rods
Tenkara USA
R.L. Winston
Bozeman Reel
Nautilus Fly Reels
C&F Design
Thomas & Thomas
Howler Bros.
Scientific Anglers
Loon Outdoors
Big Sky Rod Box
Mountain Khaki
St. Croix
Kast – Extreme Fishing Gear
Cheeky Fly Fishing
Smith Optics
Wolfgang Man & Beast
Rep Your Water

<a href="">Sonoma Traveler Trout Fly Fishing Outfit 8' #5</a>

B000F4ECSM Flying Fisherman Key Largo Polarized Sunglasses (Matte Black Frame, Amber Lens)
Flying Fisherman

Addition to my site

Looking over my site, you might see me showing off some nice Lake Trout a friend and I caught (daily limit of 2) while at his cabin in Canada. He has invited me to go along on his first trip to open up the cabin for this year and get some fishing in too. He has a lake in the area that is just loaded (my kinda lake) with Northern Pike. Fun to catch and good to eat if you can get all the Y bones away from the flesh, and my friend knows how to do just that. You may think I’m telling a tall tale when I say you get a fish on every cast but it’s the truth. I remember a story Dick always tells about the time his wife and her widowed girlfriend went fishing on this lake. She didn’t know fishing from a hill of beans so Dick has to show her. She’s using a small spinning rod and reel and knows now how to cast it more than six feet from the boat. She’s using a small # 2 Mepps lure and first cast catches one. Dick has to take it off the lure as she doesn’t know to or doesn’t want to, all the while Dick’s wife is catching Pike and casting again and again. Dick has his pole rigged but is to busy taking fish off their friend’s line as she is catching a Pike on every cast. This is not a catch and release lake but they only kept enough for one meal.

I smile when I hear that story as I know it is all true and had to go to my garage to find my spinning rig that I used on that same lake. Found it. A ultra-lite Fenwick rod with a small Shimano reel with 2lb test line. A real sweetheart of a rig but I think I will put new line on as it does get sun burned and weak and even some rub spots. Can’t take a chance on the line breaking and even loosing one Pike when we go in May.

Canada has had a fairly warm winter there at the cabin and Dick said the ice is gone from the lakes already. The last time I was at the cabin was August and we had temps in the 70s and very pleasant. I’m sure the weather will be very nice in May too.

Looking forward to spring getting here soon but as I always say “Any time is fishin time”  Keep the tip up and the line tight!


Fly Fishing for Trout

When we think about fly fishing, we usually think about Trout. Trout species vary from place to place, but the most thought about species is the Rainbow. They are among the most plentiful of the trout family and usually the most pictured as I believe they are the best looking and are very tasty. Many other species of the family are equally beautiful and are also very tasty. Brook, Cutthroat, Brown, Speckled and Lake trout to name a few, but the list goes on and on. Dolly Varden is often called the saltwater Rainbow, and the Steelhead fits in there somewhere. By whatever name they are called, you can always say “Good Eating” and be correct.

In the southern states  and up the eastern seaboard  trout fishing season is already here with the season getting started in March. The run usually goes along with the “hatch” of the bugs and swimming insects. Where I live we have to wait until May at the earliest or when they start to move. Try it now and you are just fishing, not catching.

Now is the time of year to check over your gear to make sure it is in top working order. Maybe this is the year to add new line, or upgrade your old reel. Some of the new ones are “new and improved” and maybe you owe it to yourself to replace that old workhorse. I like those that have a replaceable spool that really makes changing line very easy. Your old net might have been patched one last time and now you’re ready for a new one. Whatever your likes or dislikes may be about you current gear, you just might want to upgrade. So look all your equipment over now and get ready, it’s gonna happen soon and you’ll want to be ready.

Good Luck and remember “any time is fishin time”

Fly Fishing Basics


basic equipment

Start at the beginning

That is always a good way to start. You can read books and articles on Fly Fishing and that is a good place to start. There are so many pieces of equipment one might buy when starting a new hobby and Fly Fishing is no different. So let’s start with Fly Fishing Basics.

The most obvious equipment needed is a Fly Rod, a Fly Reel, Fly Line for that reel and then from the line you add a leader and  a tippet and then an artificial fly. The tippet is a tapered line that is almost invisible to fish and not as strong as the leader. If you use say a 20 lb test leader the tippet might start at 8lb test down to say 3lb test where it attaches to the fly, or any other combination depending on the species of fish you are targeting.

There are a lot of fly fishing rod and reel combinations modestly priced that you can choose from and I would suggest to stay within your budget. Get good quality equipment but don’t go overboard as you will upgrade as time goes by. You will always have fond memories of your gear and even after you have upgraded you first purchase you will still come back to your first rod and reel and remember the first fish you caught with it. The next thing you will need is a net unless you plan to only fish streams from the bank where you can just land the fish on the bank, but you can loose a lot of fish when you try to yank them ashore. After you loose a few fish that way, it’ll dawn on you, “I could a had em if I had a net.”

More on Equipment

It seems like every time I think I’ll just walk along the stream and fish, it never fails that I have to step in the water at sometime, and I’m in my tennis shoes, not my hip boots or waders. That is probably another piece of equipment worth the money spent. Hip boots are a favorite if the stream is shallow and no deep holes. If you have fished the stream before, you’ll know if it has any holes. When I fish a stream for the first time, it’s time for the waders.

Polarized sunglasses are a must  even on a cloudy day. A hat or cap is good as is a fishing vest with lots of pockets. I like to carry along a pair of needle nose pliers to take the hook out and has a side cutter to cut the tail off mono line, or if the fly is buried to far in the mouth, just to cut the line. I think it is a very handy tool to carry when fishing. As you fish, you will think of different things that would be nice to have. Bug dope comes to mind and so does a lighter or some means to start a fire and of course extra flies as you never know just what will be hot that day.

Find a good looking stream and scout it out before the fish start running, don’t wait till they do start running cause you just might be to late as the initial run doesn’t last to long.

Good luck fishing

It’s that time of year again

Spring is right around the corner and that means the fish are soon to be entering our favorite fishing streams.  Most of the ice on the lakes and inland waters is now gone and the streams are running. Bugs and other insects will soon be hatching, providing the returning fish with their favorite foods.

It’s time to take a nice sunny afternoon walk down to your favorite stream and just look around. W hat do you see? Anything moving yet? Another good idea is to have a pair of Polarized  sunglasses. They really work for seeing what is in the water even on an overcast day. March might be a bit early to see much activity in the streams, in Alaska anyhow, but Montana and Wyoming might be getting a bit warmer and warm weather brings the streams alive. Being cooped up all winter is over for another year, time to get active. Mother nature is starting and that’s our signal too.

March is the time of year to get our gear out and make sure everything is working properly. Can’t have an old frayed line break with the first fish of the season. A lot of mono line gets sun rot quite easy and should be replaced. Make sure all your reels are working and running like they should. Check your rods to see if the eyes and guides will perform as they should and if you have a case to carry all your gear in, are the zippers and snaps working properly. That, and day dreaming a bit, is what March is for because come April, things really start to kick in. Mid April to May, most of the ice is gone and select areas fish are starting to show up. May into June all the ice should be gone and the streams are alive with spawning fish, and bugs, and other insects starting to hatch or have already hatched, and fishing is here for another year.

So have at it as soon as the weather dictates but by all means, take a walk along your favorite stream now and see how it looks. You wont regret it. Breath the fresh air of spring and think of your first catch on your old trusty fly rod.

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