Fly Fishing for Trout

When we think about fly fishing, we usually think about Trout. Trout species vary from place to place, but the most thought about species is the Rainbow. They are among the most plentiful of the trout family and usually the most pictured as I believe they are the best looking and are very tasty. Many other species of the family are equally beautiful and are also very tasty. Brook, Cutthroat, Brown, Speckled and Lake trout to name a few, but the list goes on and on. Dolly Varden is often called the saltwater Rainbow, and the Steelhead fits in there somewhere. By whatever name they are called, you can always say “Good Eating” and be correct.

In the southern states  and up the eastern seaboard  trout fishing season is already here with the season getting started in March. The run usually goes along with the “hatch” of the bugs and swimming insects. Where I live we have to wait until May at the earliest or when they start to move. Try it now and you are just fishing, not catching.

Now is the time of year to check over your gear to make sure it is in top working order. Maybe this is the year to add new line, or upgrade your old reel. Some of the new ones are “new and improved” and maybe you owe it to yourself to replace that old workhorse. I like those that have a replaceable spool that really makes changing line very easy. Your old net might have been patched one last time and now you’re ready for a new one. Whatever your likes or dislikes may be about you current gear, you just might want to upgrade. So look all your equipment over now and get ready, it’s gonna happen soon and you’ll want to be ready.

Good Luck and remember “any time is fishin time”

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