It’s that time of year again

Spring is right around the corner and that means the fish are soon to be entering our favorite fishing streams.  Most of the ice on the lakes and inland waters is now gone and the streams are running. Bugs and other insects will soon be hatching, providing the returning fish with their favorite foods.

It’s time to take a nice sunny afternoon walk down to your favorite stream and just look around. W hat do you see? Anything moving yet? Another good idea is to have a pair of Polarized  sunglasses. They really work for seeing what is in the water even on an overcast day. March might be a bit early to see much activity in the streams, in Alaska anyhow, but Montana and Wyoming might be getting a bit warmer and warm weather brings the streams alive. Being cooped up all winter is over for another year, time to get active. Mother nature is starting and that’s our signal too.

March is the time of year to get our gear out and make sure everything is working properly. Can’t have an old frayed line break with the first fish of the season. A lot of mono line gets sun rot quite easy and should be replaced. Make sure all your reels are working and running like they should. Check your rods to see if the eyes and guides will perform as they should and if you have a case to carry all your gear in, are the zippers and snaps working properly. That, and day dreaming a bit, is what March is for because come April, things really start to kick in. Mid April to May, most of the ice is gone and select areas fish are starting to show up. May into June all the ice should be gone and the streams are alive with spawning fish, and bugs, and other insects starting to hatch or have already hatched, and fishing is here for another year.

So have at it as soon as the weather dictates but by all means, take a walk along your favorite stream now and see how it looks. You wont regret it. Breath the fresh air of spring and think of your first catch on your old trusty fly rod.

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4 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again”

  1. I agree the time for fishing is approaching and it is exciting. I look forward to fishing again out in the great outdoors. It is tough to sit inside all winter and not be able to fly fish, but at least there is ice fishing, but if the weather isn’t cold enough you can’t even rely on that. I look forward to doing more fishing out on the open water.


    1. Thanks for the comeback, William and I too am ready for the outside and some fishing. Our winter was also pretty warm and not enough ice to go fishing this past winter, so I’m ready for spring too. Thanks again.

  2. I have never been fishing, It is something that I definitely want to get involved with, I think that it will be fun! As I get older, I find myself looking into so many things that I missed in my childhood. So fishing is my #1 goal to start. I live in Florida so it’s pretty much warm year round, I don’t know how that affects the fishing activity around here. Seems like someone that I know is always at it. Any recommendations for an absolute beginner?

    1. Thanks for the comeback on my blog post. Along with being fun, it’s very relaxing. Living in Florida, you have year around fishing. and so many places to fish. I would start with inland lakes before moving to the outside and salt water. Doesn’t cost much to get rigged up to fish in the lakes. A good spinning rod and reel with 8-10 lb. test line should do. You have all the regular fresh water fish and a few only found in the south. Find a friend that does fish and pick his/her brain on local fishing. Just have at it and I’m sure you will find it fun and relaxing. Not to mention the by product, fish that tastes good. Thanks again for the feedback.

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