Looking for a new rod and reel for 2016?

New composites come into play every year in the fishing rod and reel industry. From the old cane pole type fly rod to the new stiff, fast action aluminum shafted Sage Method fly rod you have so many selections it boggles the mind. With it’s factory in Bainbridge Island, WA and testing grounds in that area it’s not hard to see they make an excellent rod for either fresh or salt water. The colors are vibrant and very nice to look at and be proud to hold it in your hands. This new rod also comes with a pretty stiff price attached to it, around $825.00 worth so it is not really for the beginning angler.

St Croix fly rods are another excellent buy and not quite as expensive. Not the aluminum shafted rod like the Sage Method but the quality is there in the St Croix Legend Elite and sells for $470.00 to $500.00. Made in Park Falls, WI also in the heart of fishing country. If you visit their factory, they have an observation platform so you can watch your rod being made.

These companies also make a lot of different rods and different prices to fit your needs. These examples I just gave are new for 2016, but they still produce their old standby rods you have come to appreciate.

Nautilus X-Series reels are also new and improved. It seems like the manufacturers are all using aircraft grade aluminum for the frame but the X-Series has improved and reinvented their renowned smooth drags. This resulted in a low-inertia Teflon and carbon fiber disc drag that adjusts easily, even with cold fingers, thanks to a sizable, textured knob.  The series covers weights 3 through 9 but for Salmon and Steelhead maybe the XL Max (weight 8 to 9) might be better served weighing in at all of 5 ozs with a price tag of around $145.00 to $225.00.

All new for 2016, so have a look around and make your pick.

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