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Starting with the new year

After the holidays and all the festivities are over, it’s time to get to the serious work of all things, FISHING!

It might not be the right weather in January for fishing, unless it’s ice fishing in the northern part of the USA, but it is time to start your preparation for the 6633526-ice-fishing-on-the-lakeupcoming season.

You can start your daydreaming by looking through your online catalogs, like or have a lot of pictures and discriptions of each and every piece of fishing gear one would want. Another good place to look for all kinds of gear and outdoor clothing is they have been suppling the world since 1856. Good reason they are still around.

Basic Equipmentfish rod

Rods and reels should be your starting inspection point. Without them you are not going to do any fishing at all. Just look at the rods you plan on using, are they missing any eyes or are the eyes frayed? If so, that can chafe your line in a hurry. Are the eyes all aligned properly, or has the binding loosened and they have rotated a bit? Sometimes the binding string breaks and loosens up allowing the eyelet to shift so check them out. Try to move them with your fingers.

Reels need a bit more inspection as parts wear, gears spinning-get sloppy and after a year being used, need lubrication. Don’t be afraid to dismantle the reel. It’s not that casting reelcomplicated. You don’t have to remove every screw on the reel, but at least get down the what makes it work. When I take a reel apart, I find if I remove an outer cover, I put it farthest away from my work area. The next thing I remove, I put it second farthest and so on. Line the parts up in a row so when it comes time to reassemble just start with the part closest to you and work on out from there. Saves all the guess work of where they go, and you shouldn’t end up with any extra parts left over.

If you use a spinning reel or a casting reel and have used them quite a bit, REPLACE THE LINE!! You don’t want to catch the biggest fish of your life and have big fishyour line break, or worse yet run out of line because you just remembered breaking off 100 yards of line last year. Open faced spinning reels might only hold a couple hundred yards of line and when you’re fishing 90 to 100 feet down, there’s not a lot of line left to play with. Just don’t short yourself. A local sports shop will strip your old line off and replace it with whatever line you buy for a penny a yard, and get the proper tension for the whole spool. Ever try to do it yourself? A penny a yard is well worth it.

Other Equipment

Unless you have gained or lost a lot of weight, I would guess most everything should fit again this year. This is where you might upgrade a few items. Maybe a new vest or new waders or hip boots. Most of these things last for years. You can spring a leak in your hip boots or waders, but usually a patch job will work. I would never replace a pair of waders for a little leak. I just can’t see spending $1200 to $1800 just because they sprung a leak.

Polarized Sunglasses

There are a lot of good polarized sunglasses on the market and vary in price. I like to think glass lens rather than plastic lens tend to be a better choice. Better optics with glass and less distortion and scratching. I’ve tried both and my personal choice is glass.

Nets and the rest of the gear

I haven’t bought one yet and don’t know if I will but fairly new to the market is the rubber bag on some trout nets. I don’t mind repairing the string bag on my trout net. I don’t know how I’d repair a sponge or rubber bag when it gets ripped, and mine always comes up with a rip on a yearly basis.

Hip boots tend to require more attention than waders in my opinion. I have a bad habit of folding down my hip boots and eventually they will crack at the fold and leak. Since they are rubberized, an inner tube patch will take care of the crack or hole. A very cheap fix. When I didn’t have a patch handy on a fishing trip, I substituted duct tape, it works.

Fishing Season is Here

This is the time of year we have been waiting for so hopefully you have gone over all your gear and it’s in good shape or replaced so nothing else to do but to  GO FISHING!!




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