May Flies

The month of May is here and nature will be in full bloom very shortly. When I hear “MAY”I immediately think of may flies. I can remember may flies hatching in such numbers that walking on them was a slippery event, but for fish and especially trout, it was Thanksgiving.

When you look at tied flies for fly fishing you will always find a good supply of may flies. Not only the color authentically portrayed but any color combination you can imagine.

In the spring, fish are always very hungry and any color combination is OK with the fish if they look tasty enough. Sometime I think the fish turn a blind eye to what a meal looks like, they are just hungry and want to eat anything that gets close to them. What I am saying is that fish, in the spring, a usually very hungry and Mother Nature provides them with a banquet every spring. May is pretty much the start of spring all over the US and many other countries in this half of the world.

Time to get geared up and ready for another year of fishing, wherever you may be located.

Good luck and good fishing.

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